[Journal]Picks from Nov. 8th 2016

I love going out and taking long walks in autumn. It’s just that I don’t always do that even though I love it. I keep asking myself why. I guess I’m lazy, perhaps?! Anyways, yesterday was a good day for a hike. And I finally hit the road – the mountain road

I got my new mirrorless camera to enjoy along with a mixed playlist of Tim Bowness and Gazpacho songs.

As soon as clouds covered the sun my finger on the shutter button went crazy! I picked this photo to share from over 15 pictures. Don’t think it’s the best one. The rest are just duplicates and variations of the same scene. (a waste of shutter actuations!)


Soon after, it rained briefly I doubled back to the main road and what do you know? A rainbow! Unfortunately, I got distracted by a shepherd who thought I was lost and kept asking me questions. Well eventually, I got this decent shot of the rainbow.

The shepherd didn’t want me to take a picture of him. I settled for the sheep.

We kept talking for a while until it was time for me to go home. He was a nice guy. I wanted to shoot a portrait of him but like all people in my town; they’re simply not open to the idea yet. It’s understandable (but also a shame.)

Took those on my way back. As soon as I stepped into the house, the rain fell as if a dam in the sky broke!

I got comfortable indoors and spent the best part of the night editing photos on Lightroom.

Until next time. ^_^

Daily Picks 14/07/2016

Pre-post: I should stop calling these posts “Daily Picks” since I’m not posting everyday anymore so maybe it’ll become Weekly Picks starting with the next post. >_<

Yesterday, I took the new camera and hiked through the mountain road to practice photography. My friend was with me I couldn’t concentrate much. but I managed to shoot some average pictures.

I was kinda hoping for better quality. Well, I need way more practice to achieve the photographs I have in mind. For now, I figured this much: It’s a joy holding the camera and trying different things to take a photograph even if it doesn’t go my way. That’s a challenge I have no problem accepting!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. ’til next time ^_^

Daily Picks 18/04/2016

I wasn’t able to take pictures today. Luckily, I have a huge gallery to pick from. 🙂

I have posted enough macro shots in the past two days. I think it’s time to broaden our line of sight.

Let’s have our start on The Path


and on The Path, we might stumble upon some trees, a shadow, a bird, and a network tower (I think?!)

Let’s keep going; The Path is long but we’re almost there :p


Here we are, at last! Nothing to hold us back or limits our free minds!


Although this post ends here, The Path certainly doesn’t. In fact, it only opens up new paths and possibilities in our minds. At the peak, perception changes and whatever burden we’ve carried with us would seem light and even insignificant. And that is the whole point.

I hope you enjoyed the journey on The Path. ^_^