Blurred Vision: Happy New Year!

The journey continues still…

I’ve sealed my mirrorless camera and picked my old point-and-shoot one. I’ve also turned off my brain…

Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-1. The lens on this one is legendary!

I’m planning a new series. I just hope my back-up “pentium 4” pc can handle it! That’s not a joke!

The Ones That Meant Something

I never thought about picking favorites from my own work until this challenge. I put much thought into this and in the end I couldn’t pick because I don’t think my photos are good enough or at least not as good as I wanted them to be. I do want to share a few that meant something by one way or another.



Taken: 08/11/2016

I was alone at the top of a mountain listening to a song titled “Splendid Isolation”. I thought this photo embodied my feelings at the time.



Taken: 18/03/2017

I was on my way back from a disappointing soccer match shoot then I saw Miki (one of the neighborhood cats) just sitting there so majestically. I approached and he still didn’t budge which I didn’t expect but I was glad because I was able to take this photo and feel a lot better for the rest of the day.




Taken: 24/04/2017

I like the contrast in this photo. I think my decision to turn it to black and white was the right one. Another good decision was that I didn’t shoot his face because I wanted the photo to be a kind of a symbol for hardworking people not a portrait of one person.

A Home for Thoughts


Taken: 07/04/2018

I just love the light in this one. and all those lines on the floor, the shadows and the doors. it’s not a particularly beautiful photo but that’s exactly why I wonder what is it that attracted me to this photo and made me build a series around it.

RAFRAF: Ingrained in the Night

If I were to truly pick a favorite, this series would be it. Check the original post for the rest of the photos and more info.

Ingrained (5)Ingrained (4)

The Texture of Nature

As much as I love nature, nature photography isn’t really the first category I go to. Having said that, Nature is all I can photograph most of the time. When submitting to that fact and also the fact that my style relies on texture, It was easy to mix those two and produce photos of nature that I can call mine.


My Nephew’s First Photos

I initiated my 8 years old nephew into photography a few weeks back. I gave him my very first compact camera a Panasonic FZ-1 and I had the Olympus OM-10; so unfortunately it’ll take a while before I can share my photos but you get to see the best of his photos.

He was enjoying the fact that he’s holding a camera so he wasn’t paying too much attention to my advice. Some of the photos show that he’s got potential though.