Tall Clown; Short Clown!

My nephew has this game where there are 6 clown picture and each picture is broken into 8 pieces with different sizes. After rolling a 6-sided die (1 being the shortest size, 6 the tallest) in their respective turns, players take a piece of the picture with the same number they got some the die. After 8 turns (8 pieces) whoever got the tallest clown wins.

It’s a child’s game but my nephew made the whole family play with him!

When I saw the daily prompt, I immediatly remembered the game. Whether you win or lose, measure is what decides it. I also remembered that I took some photos while I played with him. I was way too lucky with the die rolls! I wanted to let him win but I kept getting fives and sixes! H didn’t nag or cry but I could feel his frustration, poor kid!


Smile on top

When I saw the title of the weekly photo challenge, I got lost in how the cherry-on-top theme can be expressed in a photograph. Many ideas came to mind but I chose to go through my photo archive first. I remembered something small from 3 years ago.

I have a nephew (3 years old at the time) when he sees the camera pointed at him, he freezes. no smile. So I tell him to smile. I always expect a slight smile but what he does is either laughs or exaggerates the smile. and that is the cherry on top. That little push of child innocence ended up with me pinching his cute cheeks after every shot :3

This is taken last year. He’s becoming cool, too. :3

ahmad 3

Obviously, there isn’t much about photography here. I couldn’t think of anything better that fits the theme. But I think human expression is very important. The pictures overall might be lacking in all aspects but if there is a unique expression, it will make it enjoyable and worth seeing.

Seriously, you can’t take your eyes off of his bright smile, right? :3