Impromptu Poem 06/08/2016

My image is fading from my innate vision.

I am a silhouette cracked by

naked tree branches like dry veins.

I crumble to a pile of defeated dignity.

An air of insecurity looms over my living remains.

The world denies my mantras and

I fail to comprehend the logic behind its beliefs.

Perhaps it is rejection rather than incomprehension.


Waseem Sherif 06/08/2016

another impromptu write on the phone.

I Run; I Disappear

I run.
a life of fruitless choices chase
after me as I run towards an
alternate path
but only in my mind.

I run.
the ghosts of things I cling to
walk in my shadow until the darkness of
eclipse devours them
and they disappear…

Words I left behind make up
the nonsense that would read like
fake ancient murals telling
the end of worlds.
Eventually they’d be eaten away by time
and become a testament to nothing.

Some voices push me to the edge
by their rejecting and hateful screams.
Some voices cushion me just by
the echoes of their soft whispers
yet I disappear
for deep inside, I want to…


Waseem Sherif © 03/08/2016

The Strength Behind Frailty

There is a little world

hidden inside our hearts.

a two-faced principle that

follows and defies the rules

of our existence.

it’s a place where our feet

land when we stumble.

at its core, gravity pulls

our weakness at the moment

of our fragility;

it also turns it to strength and

sends it back to our nonhidden heart

so we can advance once again

and reach new heights.

Waseem Sherif  18/07/2016

something on-the-spot for the Daily Prompt: Frail.

Unrevised Thoughts 14/07/2016

born of clouds

mind wanderer silent among

grey-scale skies

strays in its own colorlessness

floating away from the weight of life

carried by its soft breaths to

the mystery it longs for

a creation of endlessness

consciously and subconsciously drives it

to the dreamiest corners of self-deception

trapping it in a Room of Empty Reveries

amidst the broken shape of its words,

their inception and their aftermath.


Waseem Sherif © 14/07/2016

un-revised thoughts, again! courtesy of insomnia and a mind that thinks too much for its own good!

Impromptu Untitled 22/03/2016

I direct my sight to the stars,
lonely in their place of rest,
a night sky, painted by grief.

so faint, so dim,
like the last thoughts
of a broken man.

They sink into the void.
Their weavings dissipate
leaving my eyes blank
and my heart wrenching
in unnamed novel feelings.

I comprehend
a shade of darkness
I never knew before.


22/03/2016 © Waseem Sherif

inspired by a moment of serenity that turned to an unfamiliar feeling of uneasiness I had while lying on my back on the roof of the house watching the night sky.

Wooden Spectrum


Amber ridges trace the life of a world rendered hollow.


from pallid feet to auburn summits,

miniature mountains unfold within.


layers of a multitude of worlds

captivate curiousness and queries

from the core of unsatisfied minds.



worlds of wooden waves like magnets

pushing my perception away from reality,

pulling my fundamental nature to Wonder.


Pictures taken: 05/05/2016

Poems written: 10 minutes ago.

© Waseem Sherif

Two-liner #002 [26/03/2016]

At my pen, poetry dies.
In death, I am my words.


© Waseem Sherif

Author’s Note:

Go figure! 

seriously, the idea crossed my mind while i was trying to sleep so i wrote it down on the phone. in the next few days, i built around it a theory (of sorts). The poem “Nature of my Poetry” is related to it.  ⇐ looks like the AN is longer than the poem. sorry >_<