[Randomness] 013-016

Experimenting with random photos. I didn’t put too much effort (or thought) into this collection. I guess it’s abstract?!


[WPC] Did You Say “Lines”?!

This first photo is a re-post but I really like it and it fits the theme.

1 (2)

Now these ones are new.


FLASH Sessions N°04

Flash, as usual, followed me to the rooftop during my coffee time up there. My camera is always with me so… you get the rest.

The light was harsh since it was afternoon which was only good for shooting shadows. I wasn’t very successful.

I finished half my coffee and I sat down, naturally Flash did the same then he started playing with some cables to get my attention. and of course, he got all of it.

Lines Between Shadows and Light

Technically they’re mostly midtones but I’m sure you get the idea.

I’m still in search for my own style. For that reason, I’m not shying away from shooting anything, and I mean anything! That’s the beauty of photography; it encompasses an infinity of subjects and meanings. The simplicity of this photo series might be its depth or it might be just a photo collection of a plain wall.

It doesn’t really matter much to me. I love shooting anything exactly because there’s no real meaning for it or there is something to it and it just sits there waiting for someone to see it.

Perhaps that ambiguity is how I want my photography to be in the future; I don’t know. What I know is that I’m going to keep putting my heart into exploring the realm of photography.