Daily Picks 25/04/2016

These are Picks from yesterday’s collection. I was too tired to post but here it is now.

I wasn’t able to take great pictures, but Daily Picks posts aren’t about great pictures as much as they are about my mood!

I found a few small wild flowers.


The wind was really strong. It was difficult to take macro shots of big and long flowers. The strong wind really did a number on them. there was nothing as far as I could see that was not bent. Hell, I almost got toppled!

The sea was obviously raging in return!

Well, the mighty wind did not keep me from taking pictures or even sitting in my usual place to read a few chapters of a decent John Grisham book while it wrecked havoc on everything around! Besides, I love this weather!

I’m only human though! Around 30 minutes later, I started to feel how cold the wind was. And its howling was ringing in my ears instead of my favorite wave sounds! So I packed up and went back home, but not after I took a few pictures again. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the Picks. 🙂

Two Weeks on WP: Shameless Rambling

So I’ve been on WordPress for about two weeks now. I’m new to blogging. I’ve been pulled to the idea by my recent change of heart, from not wanting to share my writing to ‘excited to share’! That and my girlfriend just made a travel blog here few weeks ago; she encouraged me to give it a shot. and obviously I did.

Besides, I wanted something to keep my mind off of things.

I tried not to overthink it this time (I tend to do that). in that respect, I settled on the blog title on the first try. whatever came to mind first! Mesteerean Winds. Mesteer is a name of a place that I was thinking about at the time (always thinking about it)!

I had trouble choosing a theme. none of the free ones meet my demands but I guess I can’t do anything about that. Today, I changed to Hemingway Rewritten. slightly better but not satisfying. I think the problem is that I’m unable to customize the layout with free plan. I created a simple new header and have plans on working on several new ones.

I don’t like the writing space here too. Well actually, it’s only one problem. The spacing between lines is too freaking long! I call that ‘anti-poetry spacing’! I tried looking for a feature to shorten it but I can’t find it! anyone know a way to deal with that or go around it, please tell me! >_<


Good thing about WP is that there is interaction between bloggers and easy access to blogs with similar interests and orientations. To be honest, I’m not doing a lot of interaction so far. I’m not good with dealing with people, even online. but I’m getting there.

I have no plans on making this a magnetic blog and establish a following and all. I’m a private person (relatively). All I want to do is share some of my writings with whoever’s interested in reading it. I’m content with taking the time to post a few entries each day in order to help me cope with whatever I’m dealing with. and that’s the end of it.

However, the pull of the experience is quite strong. I can’t seem to hold back in putting myself out there through my writings! I don’t see this as a bad thing though. I think it’s a step forward for me. I only need to take it slow. and no one can deny, that getting more reach is a big part of what makes blogging enjoyable and worthwhile.

Speaking of reach in WP, I’m at a disadvantage since I’m Tunisian writing in English. And based on my stats, my top visitors are from the US. The problem is the difference in time zones, from 5 hours to 7 hours.


Well, I’m okay with the status quo, for now. I am certainly enjoying my stay here. I still have a body of writings that yearns to be shared and read and a prolific quill that longs for stygian ink. (not too prolific :p )

Yesterday, my girlfriend told me after reading my posts that I seem to be enjoying and I replied: “Yes, I am.” 🙂


Daily Picks 18/04/2016

I wasn’t able to take pictures today. Luckily, I have a huge gallery to pick from. 🙂

I have posted enough macro shots in the past two days. I think it’s time to broaden our line of sight.

Let’s have our start on The Path


and on The Path, we might stumble upon some trees, a shadow, a bird, and a network tower (I think?!)

Let’s keep going; The Path is long but we’re almost there :p


Here we are, at last! Nothing to hold us back or limits our free minds!


Although this post ends here, The Path certainly doesn’t. In fact, it only opens up new paths and possibilities in our minds. At the peak, perception changes and whatever burden we’ve carried with us would seem light and even insignificant. And that is the whole point.

I hope you enjoyed the journey on The Path. ^_^

Daily Picks 16/04/2016

Earlier I posted a variety of pictures which I took over the years. This post is for pictures I took today.

Let’s start with a flower which I think it’s a type of zinnia (not sure).  It was in a vase with other flowers. (never crossed my mind to take a picture of the whole thing).


Now guys, meet Mr. Philips!


Believe me, I’m not into plushies or teddy bears! even as a kid, I never was! This one has a story though. It’s named Philips after my loudspeakers’ brand! You know, the electronics company, Philips!

The final pick of today is in fact my dinner. I fried some eggs with onion and heated lunch’s spaghetti. I’m not sure if the picture does it justice but it certainly was delicious!



A Quick Thought on Coffee & Time

I’m currently enjoying my coffee – very slowly, as usual, which brought to my mind the idea of this post!

See, my girlfriend and I are coffee people but we’re different in how we drink it! She actually has no problem finishing it in 2 or 3 gulps. Me on the other hand, it’s very important that I drink my coffee very slowly!

Not only my girlfriend, but I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who doesn’t finish his coffee in 5 or 10 mins! >_<

You’re probably wondering why talk about this at all. I see coffee as something more than mere coffee. This surprised even myself but one day I realized that I drink coffee for peace of mind, stability and even for reflection. Once I have a coffee on my side, it’s like time stops and my life is cleared of all the bitterness. (which is ironic because coffee is bitter but perhaps, it is not. maybe it becomes bitter after absorbing my life’s bitterness.)


I guess I want that coffee time to extend as long as possible and that’s probably why I take my sweet time drinking bitter coffee!

I also started enjoying it even more when my girlfriend drinks with me. It has became a sort of a separate world for us. ❤

Anyways, this was just a quick thought as I finished my coffee slowly! To end this post, here’s a haiku for ya! 😀

Bitter elixir

dwells in the chalice of mind –

Majestic coffee.