A Snapshot of My Hometown

My pick for today’s post is a photo of an old man carrying groceries. I like this scene because it represents a slice of what I see everyday in my hometown. unfinished buildings, writing on the walls, narrow streets, slopes, cracks everywhere and bread in everybody’s daily grocery bags.

It’s those little things that I never observed before I got into photography. You live in a place long enough, your mind starts to internalize how that place looks like and eventually you won’t be looking at it twice, you’ll be relying on your memory to see it, not your eyes. Holding a camera blocks my memory and forces me to truly see the details that memory doesn’t bother to register.



Tall Clown; Short Clown!

My nephew has this game where there are 6 clown picture and each picture is broken into 8 pieces with different sizes. After rolling a 6-sided die (1 being the shortest size, 6 the tallest) in their respective turns, players take a piece of the picture with the same number they got some the die. After 8 turns (8 pieces) whoever got the tallest clown wins.

It’s a child’s game but my nephew made the whole family play with him!

When I saw the daily prompt, I immediatly remembered the game. Whether you win or lose, measure is what decides it. I also remembered that I took some photos while I played with him. I was way too lucky with the die rolls! I wanted to let him win but I kept getting fives and sixes! H didn’t nag or cry but I could feel his frustration, poor kid!


Why Black and White?!

Most of the times I show my family and friends my monochrome pictures, I get a “why black and white?!” with a tone of disappointment. I reply half-heartedly with “I like how it looks” or “I just like it that way” because it’s a pain to explain.

I don’t have an issue with their reaction. This post isn’t for complaining. It’s my own response to that reaction that prompted me to this write. I want to give a true answer to that question. “Why black and white?!”

When I first started taking pictures – that would be around 8 years ago – my answer would have been “because it’s cool!” At that time, I knew nothing of photography. I just liked going out and taking pictures but I also preferred black and white back then – maybe not as much as now but still. The reason I did was because I had the childish idea that black and white photography is professional photography and if my pictures were in black and white they’d also look professional. man, I’m shrinking in my seat writing this down! it’s embarrassing!

Anyways, time moves on and my perception of things change as well as my understanding of photography in relation to myself. Now, at this stage (and only at this stage, because in a few years I will have learned more about myself and photography and I will have achieved yet another level of awareness. we always evolve.) I realize that black and white photography is what I’m ultimately learning photography for. I feel that no matter how uninteresting the subject is or how remote it is from myself, if I see it in black and white then that image in my head ends up representing a part of me most of the time.

I found that stripping a photograph of its colors is adding value to every pixel in it. Everything within the frame means something more than how my eyes naturally see it. And eventually it forms a bond with something in me, around me or makes me recall a certain life experience… whatever it does, it is ultimately an unseen thread of connection between the visible photograph and the invisible me. And that’s the kind of photography I want to one day produce. a black and white photography that touches other people from the inside and stirred them somehow.

Right now, I’m as far away from that as heaven and earth are but that’s the goal and that’s why I prefer black and white photography. Actually, I put it out in simple terms. This is one of those personal feelings that are hard for me to explain. I did my best though. And I hope it makes sense to even one reader. I’d be satisfied with that.

Keep Calm and Process to Black and White

I only recently started getting into photography seriously so I don’t know many black and white artists but my favorite so far is Vassilis Tangoulis. If you don’t know him already, you should check out his work on 500px.


Jan. 19th, Three Years Ago

While organizing my photography archive (I do that every now and then), I got curious and looked for photos taken last year on today’s date but I couldn’t find any, not even the year before. I did however find a few from January 19th, 2014.

Just some casual shots I usually take when I’m bored.

I can’t remember but I can tell you it was really cold. I don’t eat in bed if it’s not cold. And that crépe is on top of my comforter.


The curtain is in my sister’s house. I guess I stayed at my sister that night.


And I have no idea why I shot the orange!


Taken with a point-and-shoot Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ1.


As soon as I read the word “craving” in the Daily Post’s daily prompt, I heard my girlfriend’s voice in my head, a whole bunch of them over each other: “I’m craving for chocolate! I’m craving for snacks! I’m craving for burger! I’m craving for marshmallows! I’m craving for etc…!”

She says that almost every day that I kinda started anticipating that utterance just from her facial expression! It’s actually adorable though. Most of the time, I can’t help but offer her or let her have snacks (which is not good for her health). Sometimes, I iron my heart and stop her from having snacks. Her expression gets even more adorable! (which I like!)

One of the things I enjoy in our relationship is food talk (and having a good meal together obviously). Why do I enjoy a conversation about food with my girlfriend? Well, I just love the cute expressions she makes when she talks about food. :3

Although the reason why women crave sugary and fatty snacks might be attributed to the menstrual cycle and its entailing deficiencies of certain minerals in the body, my girlfriend just genuinely loves food, plain and simple!

Smile on top

When I saw the title of the weekly photo challenge, I got lost in how the cherry-on-top theme can be expressed in a photograph. Many ideas came to mind but I chose to go through my photo archive first. I remembered something small from 3 years ago.

I have a nephew (3 years old at the time) when he sees the camera pointed at him, he freezes. no smile. So I tell him to smile. I always expect a slight smile but what he does is either laughs or exaggerates the smile. and that is the cherry on top. That little push of child innocence ended up with me pinching his cute cheeks after every shot :3

This is taken last year. He’s becoming cool, too. :3

ahmad 3

Obviously, there isn’t much about photography here. I couldn’t think of anything better that fits the theme. But I think human expression is very important. The pictures overall might be lacking in all aspects but if there is a unique expression, it will make it enjoyable and worth seeing.

Seriously, you can’t take your eyes off of his bright smile, right? :3

Needles in the Heart

Needles in the Heart

in Haiku #043-45



Waking up each day

with a blank state of mind

Nothing feels right




Stepping out the door

to the deafening silence –

worlds in my head



whatever happens

some poems never end –

Needles in the heart


09/05/2016 © Waseem Sherif

Ever had one of those days? waking up burdened by a feeling you don’t recognize nor understand?

Morning to Midday in Haiku #032-038

My father, my brother-in-law and I had a lot of chores to do in our house today. All I did was water some trees and flowers in the garden though so I was able to write a few haiku on my phone. 🙂

From Morning to Midday, in Haiku. 


morning sun rises

the path to mesteer unfolds

a long day ahead


my brother-in-law

tending to the pave way

clearing grass


my father

painting the doors green

sweat’s at his chin


all working

suddenly we all stop

Adhan is heard


water flows

the soil slowly darkens

I wipe my forehead


under midday sun

working barefoot on wet soil

slightly refreshed


the chores are done

tiredness settles in now

we drink coke


05/05/2016 Waseem Sherif

After all that, I went down to the beach and took pictures!