Picks from Phone Gallery 2

This was at a wedding venue last year. That’s the ceiling.


Lantern in my sister’s house. Last year.



Enjoying a cup of coffee and a yu-gi-oh game in January this year.


My nephew found a snail. Told him to put it back; he said he liked how it felt as it crawled on his skin! January this year.



Slinky chilling/warming. A cold winter, this year!



Flash tempting me for a photoshoot! Also January this year.

A Snail Shell on A Tree Trunk

Today’s photo is rich in texture and contrast. A white snail shell I placed on a tree trunk with darker tones.

I like it a lot even though it doesn’t mean anything. I like the contrast between the fluid spiral line and the sharp and broken texture of the trunk suface. It looks like a photo that I can happily print, frame and hang on the wall. So I guess I’ll do that!

Speaking of printing photos, are you the kind of person who prefers prints or is satisfied with having the pictures on your computer or your phone? snail_shell