Cat Portrait

This is one of my favorite photos.

The cat really made my day. On my way home from a disappointing shoot, I found him there in his perfect graceful posture. I took a few shots. It wasn’t difficult because he’s one of the neighborhood’s stray cats and he knows me. I love that he was looking right at the camera the whole time. I can easily say this is the best photo I’ve taken since I owned a camera.


Later on that day, I found him sleeping at the same place.


Picks from March, 12th 2017

Taking photos while going through my boring daily life is the only thing that makes it a bit interesting.

This is a new black and white collection with a softer feel to it than Ingrained in the Night and maybe more optimistic.

I didn’t care much about what subject to shoot. I simply avoided all the things I’ve already photographed before and focused more on composition and structure in most of the photos. The end result gave me an idea for a new photography venture (new for me, of course. I’m simply trying to find my own style by doing everything that’s been done first.)

Anyway, I hope you find these photos interesting and enjoy them. Taken yesterday in my family’s holiday house.

the next ones are a mix of the usual and the new. also, i didn’t forget to convert the colored one to black and white. I kept the color because it has value in this case, at least in my eyes.