My Nephew’s First Photos

I initiated my 8 years old nephew into photography a few weeks back. I gave him my very first compact camera a Panasonic FZ-1 and I had the Olympus OM-10; so unfortunately it’ll take a while before I can share my photos but you get to see the best of his photos.

He was enjoying the fact that he’s holding a camera so he wasn’t paying too much attention to my advice. Some of the photos show that he’s got potential though.


Black Walker

When I have cat photos that aren’t posted yet, I have to share them or else I don’t sleep at night!

Camera: Olympus OM-10 | Film: Kodacolor 200

KC_26 copy.JPG

I remember I wanted to attract his attention so I can capture his face but I was afraid I’d mess up the focus (it’s manual) or he’d get scared and runs away.

Well, the way it turned out, it made him look a bit cool, I think!


Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge 24/07/2017

I’m so glad I found this challenge! (Thank you, Cee!) I have tons of photos that don’t belong and sometimes I end up doing something good with them in processing but still can’t categorize which makes me hesitant about posting them. Well, now I can under the umbrella of Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge! Banzai!!

So let me get on with it!

A few months ago, we were painting our holiday house by the beach. Of course, since shooting everyday and especially the out-of-the-daily-norm events is my second nature, I took a lot of photos of the activity and everything else no matter how insignificant. Later at post-processing, I make a small collection of them, recreating the whole experience only by photos. ultimately, within the collection, the photo below would make sense but alone, it doesn’t really belong and it’s meaningless.


Here’s another one from the streets of my hometown. I guess, it’ just… lines?! ><




K-TX 400-0001

Remember when I said developing my negatives in France would take a while? Well, scratch that! I got them. Something very lucky happened which I won’t bother go through here but what’s important is that I can finally see what my first couple of rolls of TX film look like. ^^

My expectations weren’t high since I know I was simply testing myself with this whole thing but I expected higher quality in terms of scanning at least. I also think the camera I’m using isn’t clean enough. On my front, I could use better focus on focus! Anyways, here’s my first pick, a mosque door at the center of my town. I wanted a better angle but I only have a 50mm prime lens with very limted space so that’s pretty much the only way I could have framed the whole door.