My Summer 2016 Anime Line-up (Part 1)

You can read the synopsis of each anime in its respective page on MAL. they are already linked. I’m not going to bother and write them here.  

Before I get to my watchlist for this season, first, I should mention that I’ll only be covering the titles that seemed interesting to me based on my own genre preferences. Second, I must express my disappointment at some titles from the previous season namely, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress and Twin-Star Exorcist. I didn’t expect much from the latter so let’s keep it at that.

Kabaneri, however, showed promise at first (well, at least the premise and the technical aspect (drawing, animation etc) and that was all. The story didn’t move much. It was contained within the mainstream generic structure of ‘mankind almost wiped out by an evil party then comes the protagonist, with the help of anti-evil party weaponry and some comrades, to save humanity.’

I personally have no problem with this structure because what is most important is the actual story and the execution among other aspects. I’m always fine with good characterization and characters’ development and interaction even if the premise is a cliché. That is what I expect from any shounen anime that comes out at this day and age. Anime fans get bored watching the same thing over the years. maybe they can tolerate the typical mainstream template but they won’t tolerate its same execution over and over again. In the end, Kabaneri had only its above average action scenes to survive, the rest crumbled and wasted away as the show headed to its demise.

Now, to my watchlist. I choose a bunch of titles based on genres and themes then pick the most interesting. this season I doubt I’ll be picking more than 3 because so far, there aren’t any great titles. What’s happening to the anime industry, guys?! >_<

I’ve watched the first episodes of the following titles:

Taboo Tattoo: (seinen, action, supernatural, super powers) good action scenes but nothing interesting [I’ll give it few more eps]

Orange: (shoujo, supernatural, slice of life, romance) despite the familiar theme (read the synopsis on MAL), I have a feeling i’m gonna get a lot of feels from the story later on. it’s manga-based. the manga is highly-rated and got a live-action drama too. I love the drawing style and the beautiful vibrant backgrounds. [definitely watching this]

Amaama to Inazuma: slice of life. this reminds me of Usagi Drop which was one of my favorites back in (year). lighthearted and sweet story, it seems.

DAYS: (shounen, sports (soccer)). the protagonist is introduced to the sport by a friend. He’s not a good athlete at all. in that respect, I’m hoping it is similar to Baby Steps which requires patient audience but it satisfyingly delivers further into the story. I’ll be patient and watch this.

D.gray-man Hallow: (shounen, supernatural, action) a continuation of the first d.gray-man anime with different cast and staff. I don’t like the character design much. maybe it’s just me but it looked kinda shoujo-like. I think the highlight of the series will be the story which comes from the manga. nothing interesting about the anime as an adaptation of the manga. nevertheless, I’m watching it.

Berserk: (seinen, fantasy, action) oh where do I begin with this one?! it’s just so damn good and so damn bad! anyone reading Berserk (manga) knows that it’s epic. so that’s the ‘so damn good’ part of any Berserk anime, the story which comes from the manga but the rest, in this case, is the perfect disgrace to a manga with a great story and meticulously elaborate art. the anime’s main problem is CGI. Berserk’s CGI is mixed with 2D of course (I think they call it, 2.5D) but it looks like watching a poor cinematic sequence from a video game. Ajin’s CG animation sucks, right? well Berserk is way worse! a total disappointment. keep away from this anime. read the manga, if you don’t mind extreme gore and violence.

So far, those are the anime I’ve checked and I’m not excited at all about any of them. Orange and Amaami to Inazuma seem good light-hearted stories and I haven’t watched slice of life in a while so I’m watching them and I do recommend them to anyone who’s interested in the genre. Since I have watched the first D.Gray-man series and also have read the manga to some extent, I’ll be watching its continuation. I’ll give DAYS a few more episodes. (I just love sports anime!)

You know what! I think I’ll put a hold on my verdict after watching a couple of more eps of every title here except Berserk!

Titles I haven’t seen yet. (reserved for part 2.)

I’ll try and watch these as soon as I can so I can write the second part.

Tales of Zestiria the X: (fantasy based on a game). never played the game before. this first episode is in fact a prologue to the actual series. (that’s how Ufotable does it!) I picked this, because of the studio animating it which brought to life one of my favorite series before: Fate/Zero. way too much CGI in this. I don’t think it’s working well this time. we’re looking at an apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic story with a company that’ll save the world… i guess. I can’t get anything out of a prologue. I’ll update this in part 2 after watching episode 1.

Mob Psycho 100: (shounen, action, supernatural, comedy) by the creator of Onepunch-man (manga). brought to us by Bones not Madhouse though but a lot of my favorites came from Bones and I think this is carrying OPM’s momentum and hype so I wouldn’t be surprised if this title is backed by a huge budget (like OPM from what I’ve heard. it WAS an incredibly well-animated series after all.)


Tenkyou no Alderamin: (shounen, adventure, fantasy) not expecting much from this. I’ll check it out anyways.

Battery: (shounen, sports (baseball)) I’m a fan of Diamond no Ace so i’m hoping this would fill the void DnA left recently. but based on the synopsis, I think this is going to be very different.

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