Shameless Promotion

I saw Ten and the first word came to mind was “Top”! We humans need to put everything in order and like to compartamentalize and label everything!

Anyways, I’d like to take this prompt number and shamelessly promote ten randomly-ordered posts.

I hope you won’t feel tricked into this post! just choose one and check it out.

The last Species on Earth  (Poetry)

Wooden Spectrum (Poetry / Photography)

Unrevised Thoughts 07/05/2016 (Poetry)

To Be With You (Poetry)

Stories -Part 1- (Poetry / Photography)

Daily Picks 01/05/2016 (Poetry/Photography)

Two-Liner #001 (Poetry)

Weekly Picks 30/07/2016 -Cats- (Photography)

My Anime Preferences (Anime)

Materialism and the Myth of Happiness and Wellbeing -Part 1- (Elaborated Post)