Fire in the Cold!

Tunisian Kanoon

That is a Kanoon. It’s a traditional Tunisian heating instrument. We still use it indoors in cold winters. You can call it a Coal Pot or Coal Bowl.

In the raw file, almost only the sparks are visible. After processing it, the quality of the image wasn’t up to my standards but it was okay overall.

I fixed the white balance so the background’s colors are cold as opposed to the subject’s fire and sparks. It is the purpose of the Kanoon after all: to warm up a cold setting. I hope that provided the element of mood or ambiance that the challenge‘s asking for.


Here’s a close-up photo of the Kanoon indoors.



Haiku #028

wildflower fields

give way to raging seas

winter’s reign


04/05/2016 Waseem Sherif

I have a usual spot where I sit down and enjoy the wildflowers/sea scenery in winter. There are better landscapes and place but I like that one. It does to me what no other place can do.