Picks from March, 12th 2017

Taking photos while going through my boring daily life is the only thing that makes it a bit interesting.

This is a new black and white collection with a softer feel to it than Ingrained in the Night and maybe more optimistic.

I didn’t care much about what subject to shoot. I simply avoided all the things I’ve already photographed before and focused more on composition and structure in most of the photos. The end result gave me an idea for a new photography venture (new for me, of course. I’m simply trying to find my own style by doing everything that’s been done first.)

Anyway, I hope you find these photos interesting and enjoy them. Taken yesterday in my family’s holiday house.

the next ones are a mix of the usual and the new. also, i didn’t forget to convert the colored one to black and white. I kept the color because it has value in this case, at least in my eyes.


Picks From Feb. 1st 2017 Part 1: Textures

I took a walk in town with my camera two days ago, took a lot of shots. I spent yesterday processing most of them and now I’m ready to post them.

For this first collection, I picked all the photos that include any kind of texture in them.

I enjoy taking pictures of tree trunks. I love that no matter how many times I take pictures of the same tree, the texture almost always looks different within the frame.

These photos show one side of the same tree trunk. you can already see that; they’re not that different; but they are different in the way the texture conjures images in my head. I find that very interesting and enjoyable.

So I hope you liked the high-contrast textures. I’m not very into it but I never shy away from any subject that has photographic potential.

Next part will be Green & Blue.

Picks from Nov. 21st 2016

I hope you enjoyed the photos. ’til next time. ^_^

Daily Picks 14/07/2016

Pre-post: I should stop calling these posts “Daily Picks” since I’m not posting everyday anymore so maybe it’ll become Weekly Picks starting with the next post. >_<

Yesterday, I took the new camera and hiked through the mountain road to practice photography. My friend was with me I couldn’t concentrate much. but I managed to shoot some average pictures.

I was kinda hoping for better quality. Well, I need way more practice to achieve the photographs I have in mind. For now, I figured this much: It’s a joy holding the camera and trying different things to take a photograph even if it doesn’t go my way. That’s a challenge I have no problem accepting!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. ’til next time ^_^

Wooden Spectrum


Amber ridges trace the life of a world rendered hollow.


from pallid feet to auburn summits,

miniature mountains unfold within.


layers of a multitude of worlds

captivate curiousness and queries

from the core of unsatisfied minds.



worlds of wooden waves like magnets

pushing my perception away from reality,

pulling my fundamental nature to Wonder.


Pictures taken: 05/05/2016

Poems written: 10 minutes ago.

© Waseem Sherif